Senior Expressions

We are extremely proud of our expression collection. We developed a portrait collection for high school seniors and college students to show who they are now. For seniors, after 12 years of completing their first milestone in life, we believe that your portraits should represent who you are now and what you plan on doing next, and what your interest are. You have a chance to show how far you have come in the past 12 years. you have had many portraits done in schools. On this milestone in your life do you want the same portraits as you have had in the past school years or something special and different? We hope it is the latter because you deserve it. We offer 2 different sessions to choose from session between studio/location or combine both. There is also the mini expression which is a 30-minute mini session( studio only). Our full sessions are between1 to 2 hours and you have the option to have our makeup artist pamper you and really take your portraits to another level.

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