We create several styles of custom portraits. Our signature series is printed on our custom fine art paper or our select canvas. Wall portrait sizes for the our signature collection start at 20 ", Our black label series features a combination of photography and our artist painting printed on our custom canvas sizes start at 30". A Minimum requirement size of 30" is required for all location portrait sessions. All of our wall portrait art is mounted and framed. We offer a select collection of custom frames to choose from for each collection.

Senior Expressions

We are extremely proud of our expression collection. We developed a portrait collection for high school seniors and college students to show who they are now. For seniors, after 12 years of completing their first milestone in life, we believe that your portraits should represent who you are now and what you plan on doing next, and what your interest are. You have a chance to show how far you have come in the past 12 years. you have had many portraits done in schools. On this milestone in your life do you want the same portraits as you have had in the past school years or something special and different? We hope it is the latter because you deserve it. We offer 2 different sessions to choose from session between studio/location or combine both. There is also the mini expression which is a 30-minute mini session( studio only). Our full sessions are between1 to 2 hours and you have the option to have our makeup artist pamper you and really take your portraits to another level.

Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts Collection Is becoming very popular among schools that offer Dance, Martial Arts, different Bands, Chorus, Orchestra, and Theater. Giving the artist a way to memorialize their love and passion of the art the do with portraits that show off their pasion.


Fall 2018 our boudoir collection will be officially released. As we currently work on our products, shooting styles, vendors and shooting venues we think will really put our boudoir collection that special edge. You can follow us on our social media pages or contact us for updates,information and sneak peaks in the up coming months.

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