The Photographer

Kerwin Capers

I started my love for photography when I was in 5th grade and went to a summer class given at the local high school. I loved taking pictures as I grew up. when I was a teen I bought my first SLR camera, one of my friends also had one and we would compare who took better pictures . my best friends brother was a pro at the time and would me tips and show me his work. I wasn't thinking of this as a career but as a hobby, my career was a musician and I put thousands of hours into practice and playing. but I was still intrigued by photography.

As time went by I eventually met my wife, and we started a family. I was working a 9 to 5 and my desire to start photographing again grew. One Christmas my wife surprised me with a new SLR camera the one that I have been looking and talking about that whole year. I enrolled in the Hew York Institute of Photography learned as much as I could. I didn't know What type of photography I wanted to do. They all interested me. I love shooting people and I also loved nature. As time went along I decided to be a freelancer and do weddings and events. somehow I was booking more portrait sessions than I was doing weddings and events, and I notice how much more I enjoyed doing portraits. BAM!!!!! it hit me,I found it,( my calling in photography).I began to educate myself even more and began to follow and research those that inspired me.I began to practice and practice and develop my style.

When I am not behind my camera or retouching,I enjoy training in martial arts, grilling BBQ, playing and listening to music and enjoy spending time with my with and family.. I am a minister of music at my church , love working and being around young people, I am one of the drum teachers and tech for the marching band in my town,