Based in Jackson, NJ, Kerwin Capers Studios is a portrait photography company. Owner and photographer Kerwin sees images as a way to create something with lasting meaning.

Kerwin Capers Studio does not limit itself to one style of photography. Instead, Kerwin changes his artistic vision to suit the unique needs of every celebration. As well as documenting Portraits, this photographer also does weddings, milestone events, and fashion photography.

From documenting the excitement of your engagement to a lively trash-the-dress photo shoot, Kerwin Capers Studios is there to capture the spectrum of human emotions.

 the studio

meet Kerwin

 I am man who loves and lives for God.I am a martial artist studying and practicing the art of Hwa Rang Do.I love grilling and BBQ, I'm married to an amazing and beautiful women named Michelle. Everyday my life is blessed because of her and our family.Oh and did I mention I have two amazing young adults (now) but they will always be  my little ones to me.Yes,and i am very proud of them. Music has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.teaching, Playing in the studio, on stage or  playing  on Sunday's at church doing worship service.This is one way I give thanks to God for his blessings and favor upon my life.

My passion as a photographer is to have my work touch or change people's lives in n many ways. I want it to heal when It needs, make people smile or laugh,  and bring tears of joy. i want to people remember the  person or persons, and how they touch their lives. I want it to make people feel better about themselves, I want them to want me to photograph them because of this.  This is my goal , my drive and my desire a a photographer.

 Hello, i'm Kerwin

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